February 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Day 5k Course Map

Cottonwood Heights Thanksgiving Day 5k Route


Course Description

  1. START at starting line outside the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center.
  2. Run down stretch alongside CHRC before turning RIGHT onto 2700 E.
  3. Take your first LEFT onto Bridgewater Drive.
  4. Continue on Bridgewater Drive until you dead-end into Banbury Road, turn RIGHT.
  5. Continue STRAIGHT on Banbury Road, passing Bywater Park on your left until you transition onto Nutree Drive. Stay to the Right.
  6. Continue on Nutree Drive, eventually turning LEFT towards Union Blvd (do not run straight onto Antler Way).
  7. Take your first RIGHT onto Winesap Road.
  8. Follow Winesap Road until your first RIGHT, MacIntosh Lane.
  9. Take MacIntosh Lane around a turn before taking your second LEFT to Racquetball Club Drive.
  10. Off of Racquetball Club Drive, take your first LEFT back onto Winesap Road.
  11. Continue STRAIGHT on Winesap Road until you transition through Nutree Drive onto Walnut Way.
  12. Follow Walnut Way through before taking a RIGHT back onto Banbury Road. Keep to the right.
  13. Pass Bywater Park on your right, and continue STRAIGHT on Banbury Road until you reach the finish line.
  • This is not a closed course, but police and volunteers are monitoring intersections. Please be mindful of automobile traffic.
  • Keep to the right as much as possible.
  • Water and a first aid station can be found at both Bywater Park and the Finish Line.